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The curriculum at our Pasadena preschool is based on the belief that children learn through exposure to and exploration of the environment they live in.
“Where every day leads to a new discovery!”

The Kids Klub Curriculum is based on the belief that children learn through exposure to and  exploration of the environment they live in.  The research of Jean Piaget, the Swiss psychologist, helped in the development of our curriculum philosophy.  Piaget and his colleagues believed that children develop in stages based on knowledge they gather while interacting with people, experiences and materials in the environment. It is our vision at Kids Klub to ensure a child’s appreciation of himself, of others, of learning, and of life.  It is our goal to prepare our children for entry into and success within the most challenging school environments. Between our vision and our goal, we certainly have our work cut out for us and it is important work indeed.

Research indicates that a major way to positively affect a child is to provide predictability, nurturance, support, limits and boundaries, order and cognitive challenge, all of which makes a child feel safe, comfortable and loved. Kids Klub has been designed to accomplish exactly this through its facility, loving staff, learning centers, discipline policy, rotation schedules and lesson plans. Kids Klub provides its teachers with the major factors needed to teach children what they need to know from Birth through Pre-Kindergarten.

In these younger years it is important that the foundation and mastering of certain types of skills take place during a child’s development.  Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Physical skills are the focus at Kids Klub and many other Preschools during this developmental time.  At Kids Klub a teacher’s goal is to prepare lessons that meet certain objectives within each of the Learning Centers.  The Kids Klub Learning Centers have been developed with focus on Cognitive, Physical, Social and Emotional development. The lesson plans should attract the attention of  children at various levels and have them interacting with the teacher and classmates during the teacher-directed learning time and then exploring the teacher guided learning environment during guided child-exploration time.  By combining teacher-directed activities together with guided children’s exploratory play in the learning centers, each day is filled with challenging, fun-filled learning opportunities.  

Research shows that from birth to age 5, a child’s brain is more than twice as active as an adults.  Important cognitive skills are being developed during these early years. What a child is exposed to, taught and allowed to explore, directly affects brain development. The activities that take place at Kids Klub help children build a foundation of skills that will enhance their learning throughout life.  Although young children learn through activities that appear fun and playful, the learning that takes place from birth to age 5 is critical to their development and academic success for the rest of their lives.

At Kids Klub we start in the Infant years developing cognitive skills that will help these children succeed in the Preschool environment.  In Preschool the important cognitive development of basic ABC’s and 1,2,3’s begin at age 2 and are enhanced all the way through the Pre-Kindergarten program.  Basic Writing, Reading, Math and Science are introduced early (infant years) and solidly established by the 5th year of a child’s life.  Our curriculum ensures that our children begin Kindergarten with a strong foundation for learning.

Social and Emotional skills are also an important part of each and every day at Kids Klub.  We begin in the Infant Center teaching children to share, cooperate, handle differences and express feeling appropriately.  We build a child’s self esteem by positively reinforcing children’s accomplishments.  We encourage children to take risks and try new things by introducing new learning experiences every day. We encourage children to ask questions and solve interesting problems, to think independently and to explore the world around them. Each stage in a child’s life takes these skills to new levels. When the child is sent out into the Elementary School world where teacher ratios are at a minimum 1 to 20, the child is better able to handle the situations that are presented to him when he is on his own.

Physical development at Kids Klub again begins in our Infant Center when our babies are introduced to holding a paintbrush and crayon for the first time and encouraged to walk, run, jump and climb.  Further development of these skills takes place in the 2 year-old classes. Small motor skill development is important at this age and the earlier the child learns to master these skills, the faster and more successful the child will develop other skills.  Scissors are first introduced at the 2 year- old level.  Beginning writing skills are enhanced at the 3 year old level when holding a crayon and pencil correctly become the focus of this physical (small motor) development.  Gross Motor skills are developed and enhance from infancy all the way through adulthood.  It is our goal at Kids Klub to encourage Gross Motor development through activity time spent outdoors in the Hard Yard and Playground.  Further enhancement takes place through the Music and Movement and Balance and Coordination lessons that are taught on a weekly basis.

What we teach at Kids Klub is important and vital to our children’s academic and life success. The Kids Klub Curriculum is extensive and in outline form allowing for our teachers to utilize their individual teaching techniques and ideas to teach a specific topic or concept.  Kids Klub is constantly developing and updating themes and concepts within its curriculum to ensure that we are exposing our children to an extensive list of learning foundation topics. Our teachers use a uniform list of themes and concepts to ensure that all of our children are being exposed and challenged by the topics that we have chosen to teach.  Our curriculum has been developed utilizing expert text of Preschool Curriculum topics, current research findings along with the California Department of Education Pre-Kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines. Experts from around the world have been consulted to put together these guidelines that answer the fundamental question-what kind of education is appropriate for Preschool?  We have also consulted with many public and private schools to ensure that our children are prepared socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically when they enter Kindergarten. These Kindergarten requirements for success have helped to shape the Kids Klub curriculum into the what it is today.    

Currently our curriculum covers an overall monthly theme and individual weekly themes.  Each week letters of the alphabet, phonics, numbers, shapes and colors along with basic concepts and life concepts complete the learning list.  Life concepts are those concepts that our children will experience out in the world.  Holidays and special events from around the world along with doctor’s visits, grocery shopping, community service people and a visit to the local café are just a few of the specific life concepts we expose the children to.  We want them to understand what they are experiencing when they are outside of Kids Klub.  Science is a major part of the Kids Klub curriculum because science is what establishes the foundation for making sense of the world around us.  It develops our natural instincts to explore and observe and experiment throughout our lives. Our curriculum is reinforced over and over again as the children travel through the many learning centers at Kids Klub.  Math concepts initially taught in Circle time are then reinforced in the Block Center, the Manipulative Center, the Science Center, Art Center, Kitchen Creations, Dramatic Play, Sandbox, Music and Movement and even in Balance and Coordination.  Repetition of a concept utilizing different areas of the brain and different learning techniques ensures that all of our children receive the concept in a form that they can at some level absorb and hold onto.     

Each of our components understands the importance of what they must teach their children.  Infant, 2 year-old, 3 year-old and Pre-kindergarten goals have been established so as the  children move from component to component they have the developmental skills that need.  We want them to succeed at each level and leave Kids Klub ready to take on Elementary Education in a successful and excited to learn way.

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