Kids Klub has a Back-to-Basics approach when working with children, allowing them to reach their full potential for proper growth and development.
Kids Klub has a "Back-to-Basics" approach when working with children, allowing them to reach their full potential for proper growth and development. We do not follow the latest trends in developmental philosophies which span from "Child-Directed", where the children do what they want whenever they want, to the other side of the spectrum "Teacher-Dictated" where the teachers rule with a iron hand, pushing academics above all else and expecting children to sit behind a desk for hours at a time. Instead, we provide scheduled learning times, outdoor play, and free play within a consistent routine. Our caregivers cue into your child's individual needs. With Kids Klub's "Back-to Basics" approach, the teachers help instill values, role-model appropriate behavior, and teach valuable lessons the child needs for a solid foundation in life. It is vital that the children learn about their "Self" since they are naturally developing their self-image, self-control, self-respect and independence. Through guided play and discovery, the child learns not only about himself, but also learns to respect others, and appreciate his environment.

Kids Klub's modern, expansive facility allows us to provide the highest level of quality care and supervision. A child’s environment significantly influences his development and growth. Therefore, Kids Klub has gone to great lengths to create an environment that is clean, secure and stimulating. Throughout our many Discovery areas, we utilize a hands-on approach to learning. Equipped with age-appropriate activities, our teachers are skilled and prepared to make each discovery and opportunity a learning experience for your child. This discovery process provides the building blocks necessary to promote your child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

At Kids Klub, your child is a member of a club designed specifically to meet his needs and yours. Most all your childcare needs can be met under one roof: from evening and weekend drop-off care, to parent education seminars, to dance, gymnastics and karate classes. We achieve this by providing a place that is open 7-days a week, operates during early mornings and late evenings, and has flexible scheduling for enrollment, and of course, a caring staff! We have designed our policies to be "parent friendly" so you will not find any hidden costs. We do not require parents to work at the Center or to assist in fundraising events. We believe that your level or method of involvement at Kids Klub is your choice. Furthermore, with our evening hours you need not worry about being 15 minutes late when picking up your child. Traditional late fees do not exist at Kids Klub. With our reasonable hourly rates, we will happily keep your child involved until you arrive.

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