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Between both Kids Klub centers we have over 600 children from 6 weeks to 12 years enrolled in our daytime programs. Quite a few of these children receive partial or full scholarship for childcare because of the efforts of our volunteers working for Kids Klub Children’s Charities and because of the donations we receive. One family that receives a full scholarship from us recently lost the mother to cancer. The family had been at Kids Klub for a long time and the mother’s struggle with cancer was long, expensive, and exhausting. She had to quit her job and being in her 30’s, she was desperate to try any experimental treatment she could, so she could be there for her family. We were able to help out by granting them a full scholarship on a life-time basis knowing that we could help with one aspect of their life. Over the 12 ½ years that we have been operating, there have been numerous families with unforeseen or tragic events in their lives that we have been able to help.

One hundred percent of the proceeds raised at Kids Klub Children’s Charities goes towards our charitable programs as all work is strictly volunteer. However, our reach goes well beyond those 600 children at Kids Klub. We have over 4,000 children that are members in our Evening/Weekend program, or take classes such as Ballet or Karate here. We help a number of those families with donations we receive as well. Yet, with the volume of donations we have received in the past, we have been able to extend our reach even further.

This past summer a Kids Klub family took over 200 lbs of Disney merchandise down to an orphanage in Bolivia that cares for 85 children. The poverty level in that country is unbelievable! Many of these children had never had a stuffed animal to love or a toy to play with. We were able to give them all toys, stuffed animals, and clothing thanks to the generosity of our donors. Additionally, we delivered merchandise to a local prison there. In Bolivia, if a single mother gets put in prison for some reason her children must go with her. As a result, there are many innocent children living in the prisons down there. We were thrilled to be able to give them some Disney Magic this summer.

Currently we are working with the San Gabriel Valley office of the Department of Social Services, Children & Families division. This group of social workers has the unfortunate but necessary job of removing children from abusive or neglectful parents. When they have to do a removal, which happens several times a week if you can believe it, they bring the children back to their office until they can place them with a foster family. At their office, we are setting up a room filled with toys, games and stuffed animals for the children to play with while they are waiting. Additionally, we are supplying them with over 100 backpacks filled with toys, stuffed animals, clothes, toothbrushes, and other personal care items to give to the children to lessen the impact of such a tragic event. This office also assists families in need. We have “Adopted” many families over the years through them. This year we have one family in particular that we are assisting. It is a single mother who, with the help of her 17 year old daughter is raising 5 other daughters and a granddaughter ages 15 to 1 ½ years. They all live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Glendale. We have sent over mattresses, bedding, blankets, towels, clothing, food, toys, stuffed animals, appliances and more to help them, and you can’t imagine the look on their faces when we arrive. Some of the older children helped deliver the items and they were blown away that the mother just couldn’t stop crying when she saw all that we were bringing. She told them that we were the answer to her prayers.


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