Homework & Tutoring
Arcadia After School ProgramProviding a quiet, comfortable environment where children can focus on their homework and receive help when needed is the centerpiece of our afterschool program. We call it, “The Homework Room” and inside its walls, we have a program in place that looks to instill children with the study habits necessary to become self-reliant and academically confident. At the start of every homework room, we begin with a five minute “talk-through.” During the talk-through, the homework teacher quizzes children on study related questions such as “Why is it important to keep your homework neat?” or “If you do not know the answer to a particular math problem, what you should do?” The result of the talk-through is that all children think about the answer to the questions and study habits become routinized.

Children especially love the homework room because of our “Star System.” Every day that the children attend the homework room and follow the rules, they After School Homework and Tutoring at Kids Klub CDCearn a star. At the end of each month, we have a glorious prize room where students can purchase awesome prizes with the stars that they have earned.










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